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EiQ - World’s first end-to-end supply chain due diligence platform

LRQA's EiQ helps you monitor and manage your supply chain ESG risks in real-time, enhance your responsible sourcing programme, and comply with due diligence regulations.

Transform your responsible sourcing programme with data-driven insights

In the era of Assurance 4.0, transparent data and actionable insights are at the core of how we help clients anticipate, mitigate, and manage risk with EiQ, LRQA's end-to-end supply chain due diligence platform.

EiQ is used by businesses to enhance Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) risk management. It provides comprehensive ESG solutions to transform your responsible sourcing programme and to facilitate sustainable trade.

The platform uses machine learning combined with a robust dataset from onsite audits and trusted civil society research to empower companies, suppliers and financial institutions to meet customer, regulator and stakeholder due diligence requirements.

Supply chain ESG global risk outlook 2024


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How EiQ helps you with due diligence

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See how EiQ would help transform your responsible sourcing programme with data-driven insights.

What our clients say about EiQ


"Kroger engages LRQA to regularly assess Kroger’s supply chain and apply segmentation based on social and environmental risk. Through the process, we classify primary product and commodity categories in our supply chain based on two dimensions: Risk level (high, medium or low) and Kroger’s ability to influence risk in our supply chain (high, medium or low leverage)."


"Continuous joint development can only be successful if we have a common understanding of requirements and the background to them. For you as a supplier, we have therefore created a platform together with our partner BSD/LRQA that gives you access to free training sessions. These trainings serve to clarify your questions in relation to our requirements and to explain the background."


"At the end of 2021, PUMA adopted EiQ, a comprehensive suite of supply chain analytics, to assess our supply chain risks by geography, commodity and issue, complete a risk assessment for suppliers, factories and sites and manage risks that are material to each supplier, factory or site. In 2022 we uploaded 1,390 audit reports (2019 to 2021) in the EIQ tool. This tool shows the gross risks, which are risks before mitigation measures, such as social security benefit, systematic excessive overtime, or insufficient overtime wage."


"In FY2022, our program included developing a process to engage with all new and existing suppliers, depending on the risk that they present. The re-assessment of risk for all of our global suppliers, using LRQA’s EiQ platform, ensures that we continue to develop a deeper understanding of our priority suppliers through reviewing their third-party audits and improving our data management system."

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